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Why support HowYouHearMe

HowYouHearMe is a social awareness initiative about hearing loss.
This initiative is free for all the HowYouHearMe visitors, with the aim to maximize the number of people benefiting from the auditive experience that we offer.

If you consider that this initiative is worthy and you want to support it, you can do it at this page, with the amount you see fit.
The economic support we receive is to keep HowYouHearMe active and to raise awareness.
This activity will help more people to experience "in their ears" how their kindred and loved ones hear with their particular hearing level.

"Experience patroned by ..."

The people who give your support to HowYouHearMe are patrons, and your name appears in the videos created by our visitors. In the videos created by HowYouHearMe's visitors, we insert a text like: "This experience has been patroned by (patron's name and surname)".
This way, the person living the HowYouHearMe experience knows that thanks to this particular patron's support HowYouHearMe is active and working, and thus s/he has been able to live this hearing experience.

Which is our goal

Our goal is that, because of our patrons support, we get to reach about 10.000 visits per month, and 100.000 visits per year.
There are many people that daily live hearing loss, and we want to collaborate in the social awareness of those around them.
We hope that this awareness project have a positive impact in the full social integration of people with hearing loss disability.

What patronage to choose

You have two patronage options: "subscription" and "one-time donation".
The "subscription" is a donation once every month, until you want to stop it.
The "one-time donation" is a one-time only donation: you donate today and you no longer have to worry about it.

You can also choose the amount you want to support us with. Depending on the amount you choose (5 euros, 10 euros, ...), you patron a lower or higher number of hearing experiences. With 5 euros you allow that 20 people benefit from the hearing experience at HowYouHearMe. With 10 euros, you patron 40 people's hearing experience. With 25 you help 100 people to live this hearing experience. With 50 euros, you help 200 people! And with 100 euros you are patroning this hearing experience to 400 different people!

Your donation What you are patroning
5 euros / month 20 hearing experiences / month
10 euros / month 40 hearing experiences / month
25 euros / month 100 hearing experiences / month
50 euros / month 200 hearing experiences / month
100 euros / month 400 hearing experiences / month


No "victims" but "victorious" people

People with hearing disability don't need any compassion from society. The only thing they need is that 'you and I' stop acting deaf about their reality. They have overcome one obstacle more than we did; nothing more, nothing less.

When you stand by a person with hearing disability, please, don't see him as a victim. This person is just one inch more victorious than the rest of us.

When some day, a boss or an employer have in front of them a candidate for a job, and they read in his resume that he has a hearing disability, we hope they do not understand his disability as a hindrance, but they can see that person as a victorious one in front of adversity.
Maybe this employer remember that he once experienced HowYouHearMe, and answers: "Indeed! If someone other can, you can even more!". In this case, we and every patron will feel with joy.


Individual patrons and sponsors

Though HowYouHearMe may need to have sponsors, individual people's support the work we do at this site helps to keep this site free from advertisements.


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